indian ridge banner-1Simard Search is the leader in tennis executive placement; by our commitment to provide clients with seasoned candidates who possess integrity, credibility and a desire for excellence.

Simard Search is passionate about the racquets sports industry and wants to see the candidates that we provide excel and set new standards in whatever the position is at your facility.


Why use Simard Search as the recruiting firm for your tennis and/or racquet sports facility?

  • The average Tennis Director turns over every three to four years. The reason for this turnover is that the professional’s skill set, personality and career path are not the right match for the position.
  • Using a recruiting firm will help the club save time and energy during the hiring process, by freeing up employees and committee members.
  • Simard Search does not attract Professionals that are unemployed or unsuccessful in their current positions. We go out and seek the best person for your facility that will grow, develop and increase program success rates.
  • We are committed to finding the perfect match for your facility.  We systematically examine candidate management skills, communication skills, computer aptitude, budget success history, retail sales experience, court maintenance, teaching experience, programming capabilities, and tournament and event preparation and organization to find the ideal person to perfectly fit the position.