Our Company

Simard Search is the premiere tennis recruiting firm in the industry signifying exclusivity, and confidentiality while maintaining a high degree of integrity.  Our focus is on executive level positions in the tennis industry; Directors of Tennis, Directors of Racquet Sports and Head Tennis Professionals.  However, at Simard Search we pride ourselves on helping our clients in any way we can; by channeling our knowledge and expertise to help our clients find the perfect match for their facility.

Tennis is a competitive sport fueled by talent, skill, drive and passion for the game. It is, however, an irrefutable fact that much of the attention is focused on the players and the action on the court. Yet so much more happens behind the scenes, where the engines are kept warm and running smoothly by professionals who are committed to keeping the tennis industry on top of its game.

Any tennis recruiting firm will find these professionals for you –fast and easy, and with the least amount of effort on your part.

Simard Search will do better: we will find your PERFECT MATCH.

The best person for ANY job has to be the perfect fit. More than having the requisite knowledge and expertise in their chosen field, the candidate’s personality and personal motivations should run parallel to the goals of the organization or facility they work with. Commitment and loyalty to the sport and your facility, administrative and technical skills acquired through experience, training and education, and impressive track records are all major considerations when finding the candidate who is your perfect match.

To get an exact picture of who is required for your unique role, our firm gets an in-depth look at your club, its needs, its short-term aspirations and long-term goals. With this information in hand, our nationwide search is conducted by topnotch tennis professionals who know the industry inside and out.

The final decision on who to hire will be made by the facility; what our firm will do is facilitate the process and make it as easy and effortless as possible. A shortlist of the best possible candidates will be provided to the facility, complete with background and character checks as well as all pertinent documentation requirements. The firm, with the participation of a representative from the facility, will conduct the final interviews, with questions specifically designed to address the needs of the client. This will ensure that you get not just the best, but the PERFECT person, for the job.

Our tennis recruiting firm values our client’s need for confidentiality and professionalism in the conduct of our business, thus maintaining a high degree of integrity. While our recruitment program focuses on executive level positions in the tennis industry, we also extend our knowledge and expertise in matching facilities and tennis professionals.

We know tennis, and love it. We breathe the tennis industry, and live it. We ARE your PERFECT MATCH.