Tennis Professionals


Simard Search receives many resumes annually. Resumes and cover letters are an essential part of the search process in any business. If you feel you are not getting the results you need from your initial outreach to prospective clubs, it may be time to reevaluate your first impression.

A skillfully crafted resume is essential to your success. You have as little as 10 seconds to make a powerful first impression because busy hiring professionals must quickly screen out hundreds of resumes. The few that survive this initial screening will then be subjected to a more careful scrutiny.

Simard Search now offers professional writing services by a team of talented writers. Whether you are applying for a Tennis Director, Head Professional or department specialists, having a specific resume targeted to that position is essential.

Increase your resume response rate

A well-crafted resume can dramatically increase your response rate and thus, shorten your job search duration. In some instances, the candidate who gets to the second stages of a hiring process is not always the most qualified; rather, the candidate with the best presentation will often get to the interview stage.


We know what employers are looking for, and in the hands of our professional resume writers, your resume becomes a powerful marketing tool that skillfully conveys the nuances and details necessary to reaching your goals.
To ensure your resume gets the attention you deserve, we will carefully review your background and objectives in order to develop the best strategy for your resume.
  • Determine what information should be emphasized — what should be included or eliminated — based upon your unique circumstances, background, and goals
  • Identify phrasing strategies and keywords critical to your resume being selected by both hiring professionals and Clubs
  • Minimize or even eliminate information that results in resumes being screened out. We know a seemingly small oversight is all it takes to miss an opportunity
  • Write a high-impact, job-winning resume

No document is more essential to your future job placement. For more information, please send inquiries to